About Us

Exam Loom  Powerd by  Colourable Compilation OPC Private Limited is an online exam and content provider. We are working as facilitator of conducting on line mock tests & examination to the coaching center, schools since last two years. In this short span we have won the confidence of our esteemed clients by fulfilling their expectations successfully.

Exam Loom is a web based interactive, independent and intelligent examination platform for students. This innovative platform extend the e-learning capabilities of any educational institution by providing them a real time analysis on their institution health.

A cross device and cross browser platform, works perfectly on mobile, tab, laptop, desktop, and on any platform like Windows, Mac or Linux. This revolutionary product is a must for every institution who wants to make their pupil high achievers.

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Exam Loom Provide direct, real-time feedback and grades right after the exam. State of the art Dashboards which reflects student performance in intuitive manner.